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Area | DEEP

Development Stage | Under Construction FOR SALE

Timeline | Est. 2028

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As part of the turnkey service, the architectural office IOANNIS ATSALIS arcitecture & constructions envisioned the construction of a – villas – luxury residence with swimming pool, in a field with an area of 2000.00 m2 even and buildable, located in the location “Vathy Lakkos” of the Real Estate District of Kritsa, Municipality of Agios Nikolaos. The architectural proposal erects a new two-storey house with a basement and a swimming pool with a total construction area of 200.00 m2 with a realized coverage of 134.90 m2 and a basement of 104.50 m2. The placement of the future two-story house was chosen in the most suitable part of the plot with the view offered and relatively close to the old national road from which it is accessed. In the residence in question, we took care to develop comfortable spaces with large openings oriented to the East in order to achieve optimal lighting – solarization of the spaces and to achieve a better architectural result. The ground floor communicates with the rest of the floors (basement and first floor) through a comfortable staircase in which we have arranged for the installation of an elevator for easy access to the residence for the disabled in case it is required and the installation of an elevator has also been provided for.

It is a comfortable two-story luxury residence with a swimming pool in the extension of its ground floor with its auxiliary spaces engine room and overflow tank for its proper operation.

In the southern part of the plot and in front of the swimming pool, planting configurations are developed with access to the uncovered areas with an external auxiliary staircase.

With the data of the area, the entire architectural proposal is harmonious, simple and fits into the natural environment of the area.

The construction of the building in question as shown in the relevant plans in simple lines does not aesthetically disturb the landscape and the neighboring facilities and harmonizes with the natural and residential environment of the wider area in which is located.

In general, all spaces are bright, exceeding the minimum requirements of the building regulations.