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Development Stage | Under Construction

Timeline | Est. 2028

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On the field with an area of ​​1056.19 m2 located at the location “Pezoules” Rousa Limni outside the city plan of the Municipality of Agios Nikolaos, a “NEW FLOOR DWELLING” of 102.65 m2 is to be built.

The building will be placed in the Eastern part of the plot and access to it will be ensured through the Provincial road. Care has been taken to install an elevator on the ascending stairs for easy access to the residences for people with disabilities if required.

With the data of the area, the entire architectural proposal is harmonious, simple and fits into the natural environment of the area. The construction of the building in question as shown in the relevant plans in simple lines does not aesthetically disturb the landscape and the neighboring facilities and harmonizes with the natural and residential environment of the wider area in which it is located.

Functionally, the choice of the location of the individual areas of the building, given its use and the owner’s needs, was given with the rationale of obtaining the greatest possible sunlight and the better exploitation of the view offered by the stadium. A view of the main area of ​​the building at three points of the horizon was sought and granted.

In general, the spaces are very bright, exceeding the minimum requirements of the building regulations. The construction will be made of a metal frame with dry-build masonry, white aluminum frames with thermal breaks with energy glass panes for better thermal insulation with white sanding, brown wooden pergola and gray aluminum railing.

The project integrates in the best possible way into the natural environment as olive trees that were on the plot will be preserved and new planting with fruit plants will be added.