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Design Projects

The design of the architectural study aims at solving problems of service and expression of human needs in the space.

Supervision of works

The correct implementation of the project after a proper and detailed study is a factor that is the main goal of the office. The correct use and control of materials, the application of modern manufacturing technologies and the continuous and frequent monitoring of the project up to the final stage of completion are also basic goals of the office but also a necessity for an architectural and constructional result.


The proper realisation of the project after an accurate and detailed study is a factor which constitutes principal aim of the office.

Topographical Work

Topographic study for the publication of building licenses in the project areas.

Arbitrary arrangement

In Greece, several laws have been adopted to regulate arbitrary matters since the 1980s. Law 4495/2017, which provides for the regularization or legalization of arbitrary constructions and / or uses that have been constructed before July 28, 2011, is “running” today.

Building Energy Efficiency Regulation

Procedure for issuing the energy certificate

The procedure is as follows: we close an appointment and the certified engineer comes as an energy inspector to autopsy on the property. After the necessary measurements, the energy certificate will be issued immediately within one to two business days. The energy certificate refers to the energy class of the property, as well as proposals by the energy inspector to improve the existing class. The energy certificate is issued within one or two business days.

Operating Licences of shops

Permits for the operation of healthcare stores (cafes, bars, restaurants, grills, taverns, refreshments, snack bars, internet cafes, groceries, fruit stores, bakeries and confectionery). Operating licenses for shops offering health services (hair salons, beauty and beauty institutes, tattoo workshops).

Food Laboratories belonging to the Development Directorate.

Other activities that require a Operating License (Schools, Tutorials, Gyms, etc.)

Design of External Landscaping

The interior design of a building must be consistent with the exterior to complement a unified unit. This design logic is mainly about housing. As far as professional spaces are concerned, the design is based mainly on a central idea that is either morphological and only conceptual and from which design will emerge.

3D and Photo Building Illustration

The design of the architectural study aims at solving problems of service and expression of human needs in the space.